New Signs: We Mean Business

Warning: a bit of a sales pitch.  I’m sure you can handle it.

I grew up with parents who sold Amway, who stocked products they didn’t need but hoped somebody else would relieve them of it.

Bad taste I’ve had for multi-level marketing (MLM) & network marketing or other direct sales.  I tend to shy away from them.

Probably just like you.

But when I step back from my first re-impulse to run,  and instead I listen….and research, question, pause….then I can evaluate better.  To see if it might be a good fit for me.

MLM & Bill Gates

I’d like to consider myself as one who doesn’t have to learn it all from my own mistakes, but that I can learn from that which others have/n’t done.  Like the quote of Bill Gates…..ok, so Bill Gates didn’t say that?  The quote is supposedly made by Donald Trump and he probably meant it as being a producer not as a sales rep.

But that doesn’t mean direct selling isn’t a great way to operate a company.  Revenues are huge, and their team members are making great incomes with them….if they work it.  I realize that a huge per cent of those who sign up in MLM never accomplish anything because….they didn’t honestly work it. Treat it like a hobby and it’s going to pay like a hobby.  Work it like a business and it will pay like a business.

It Works is a debt free company in Florida that is growing exponentially now.  Started in 2001, the Direct Selling News ranked It Works Global as #56 for annual revenue ($200M) for 2012, and #27 at $456M for 2013.  That’s huge revenue with less than 100,000 distributors!!

Personally, we are lovin’ wrapping ourselves and our friends and seeing things tighten, tone and firm; skin re-hydrated and feeling healthy. We’ve decided We Mean Business……and we’re going with It Works Global!

So we put our decals on our vehicles and we’re out blitzing the community, sharing products for a healthier YOU!

Back of the black truck

Back of the black truck

Putting it on

Putting it on

It’s not just that crazy wrap thing.  There are other organic, non-GMO products.  Supplements and a whole skin care line.  As a family we consume the Berry Greens every day, and now our kids are totally loving the Greens Chews.  We have to ration them because they are soooo yummy.



Greens Chew

We have heard so many stories of people’s lives being changed by It Works.  Health, confidence, finances.  They seem crazy but its true.  Moms and dads being able to stay home with their kids, working from the comfort of their own homes.  Mortgages being retired.  Post secondary education being paid for– not by school loans but by cash in pocket.  Freedom to design your life the way you’d like it to be.Women in HomeBased biz

Once you achieve a certain level you are eligible for a new vehicle, right?  Pink Cadillacs or a new Lexus?  Not our style.

Well, what I love about It Works is….there isn’t a car.  No vehicle payments, no particular brand.

It Works loves giving G.O.O.D Bonuses.  GOOD is acronym for Get Out of Debt.  Not only is the company debt free but they want all their distributors to live debt free also.  There are GOOD bonuses (& wrap rewards) available as soon as you become a distributor….kick ass and get paid!  Cash, to put it towards whatever it is YOU are needing most.

And as you move up the ranks the bonuses grow from $10,000 & $20,000 to $50,000 & $75,000!! What company pays those kind of bonuses?  A GOOD company.

For example, right now It Works Global is offering this:fly-too good-promo-001-r1-l copy

Check out our website for A Crazy Wrap.  And by all means, go ahead and order. Become a Loyal Customer and try the products at my cost.  Or join our growing team and start your own business, part- or full-time.  It’s FUNtastic!!


Of Sand and Sea

The Parksville/Qualicum Beach area of Vancouver Island has some wonderful beaches.  Not the white hot sandy beaches of the world, but pleasant enough for the short summers we get here.  Enough to bask in the evening sun while wiggling our toes in the gravel-sand away from non-biting sand fleas or lice.  Laughter escapes masks.  Boys swim far out where its still relatively shallow and there’s no threat of sharks. They tumble each other off of logs. Its small surf.

Rathtrevor Beach

Rathtrevor Beach (coastal/mainland mountains in the background)

When the tide goes out at Rathtrevor you walk for miles to reach water!!  When its coming in there's warm water for little people to frolic in.

When the tide goes out at Rathtrevor you walk for miles to reach water!! When its coming in there’s warm water for little people to frolic in.  Island mountains in the background.

Rathtrevor Beach, not a swimmer's paradise.

Rathtrevor Beach, not a swimmer’s paradise.  We beach comb.

Fresh air for the lungs, feet grounded to the earth, wind through the hair, salt for the flesh.  Healthy kids healthy time.  No worries.

Parksville Beach

Parksville Beach

Everette pondering, listening to the laughter

Everette pondering, listening to the laughter

Teens thinking if it's worth getting in the cold waters.  It's not cold cold, but compared to the Pacific coast of Mexico its c.o.l.d

Teens thinking if it’s worth getting in the cold waters. It’s not cold cold, but compared to the Pacific coast of Mexico its c.o.l.d

The Promenade at Parksville Beach

The Promenade at Parksville Beach

Sandcastle competition each year.

Sandcastle competition each year.  Building masterpieces patiently grain by grain.



Week in Review 10/8/14

I remember as a child the days of summer seemed endless.

We frolicked barefoot in the cool grass;

jumped through nondescript sprinklers…a sprinkler was a sprinkler, not a crocodile or mammoth or anything but a sprinkler;

rode our bikes tirelessly to the neighbourhood corner store that was neither on the street corner nor in our neighbourhood;

ate Sweet Tarts and got Double-Bubble for 2 cents;

pulled wings off of leather jackets (that’s what we called those things that look like mosquitoes on steroids but don’t suck your blood);

hid under scratchy junipers or climbed inside the laurels to hide until the opportune time to Kick the Can.

Nearly every Saturday our family of 7 would head south across the international border to plunge the boat and our bodies into the waters of Whatcom Lake where Dad considered learning to water ski mandatory for all of us.  I loved the water, thinking I’d like to be reincarnated as a dolphin one day (or that maybe I had already been one in a former life) but I resented being forced to learn to water ski.

I wonder what my kids will remember about their own childhood summers?

Layne and Rauchelle remember plunging their heads into the ice cold waters of Englishmen River every Saturday night in preparation for going to church the next morning.  We were building houses, and there were no bathing facilities on the property so we would trek down to the river to clean.   Clearing salal and roasting banana slugs.  Building forts and throwing sticks for Jake.

I’m sure Layne and Rauchelle also remember going to Long Beach with various cousins, sleeping under lean-tos & having snake races.

The younger bunch, I’m not sure what their summer memories will be.  Countless BC evenings at Spider Lake or Sunny Beach, geocaching in the Jeep, building sandcastles and digging up the sandy backyard until hitting pipes in the septic field.  Heritage Days and Canada Days, creating S’mores and memories with the Schwartz while adults compared their gardens.  Playing ‘Pretty Underwear’.

Nova Scotia days learning to sail, celebrating Acadia Days, touring mainland NS and PEI, walking Pt Michaud one more time.  Anders taking his Uncle’s car for a spin (oops!) and the family trip to Niagara Falls.

A Colorado summer of building houses and boats, driving to Denver and the Great Sand Dunes and down to Albuquerque to pick up Marin (and her mommy) for six glorious weeks.  River swimming, gondolas, hot springs and wild horses.

And here we are again back in beautiful British Columbia.

This IS the  summer of 2014:  The Traveling Family on the Hamilton Hobby Farm.





Anders on another hay ride

Anders on another hay ride

'Nother no-name

‘Nother no-name



Riding Observers.  It's a Safety Precaution job.

Riding Observers. It’s a Safety Precaution job.

Keisha helping Gaelyn get the saddle up and over

Keisha helping Gaelyn get the saddle up and over



This weeks posts….slim pickin’s

Gaelyn masters the golf cart

Parenting Roles Get Flipped

Barrier to Learning

Roles Flip

I was gone a whole week….a sudden and unexpected week.

One day you’re just doing your family thing and then suddenly you realize maybe you are needed more somewhere else for the time being.DSCF1205

My mom was having some medical tests done because upon arriving home mid-July from 3 weeks on the prairies she wasn’t feeling well.  When after 2 weeks of “not quite right in the head” (her own description, not mine!) she decided to have it checked out.  Nothing noted as unusual; everything appears clear.

With humour still intact she phoned the doctor’s office for the results of the ECG. The receptionist said, “You’re as healthy as a horse!” to which my mother responded, “That’s what they told my husband, and 2 months later he dropped dead!”  True story.  No further comment.

For additional reasons, mom has decided it’s time to move from her condo that she has called Home for 13 years.  And so I helped her declutter, and prep for the big move.  I’m glad I’m “local” for this transition in Mom’s life.  Before we travel some more we’ll get Mom settled in her new place.  She’ll start making friends in her new neighbourhood and start the New Chapter in her life.

This will be Mom's new kitchen

This will be Mom’s new kitchen

The whole parenting role has flipped.  Once, the older took care of the younger….then we seemed on similar ground for a while….and now the younger takes care of the older.  Time moves on.  The cycle repeats.

Going thru OLD pictures to declutter I found this one, when we (our children & their cousins) were at a Family Reunion at Silver Star, near Vernon BC.  L-R George, Toby, Layne, Rauchelle, Victoria, Afton

Going thru Grandma’s OLD pictures to declutter I found this one, when we (our children & their cousins) were at a Family Reunion at Silver Star, near Vernon BC. L-R George, Toby, Layne, Rauchelle, Victoria, Afton