Karaoke Watch-Only Mode

Can you believe I’m a half-century old and never been to Karaoke?

Back in my teens we did some lip-sync ‘concerts’ in the church youth group and had a hoot.  But Karaoke eluded me.  Had to come here to Mexico to enjoy this….Danaka has been a few times but it was finally time for Everette and I to check it out.  Its a place that lots from Hotel Perico congregate.  So we actually knew several of the performers, like Dee & Gerry that we went there with, and Liz and Jimmy (who accompanied many on his horn).

We were in Watch-Only Mode for the evening.  Observation, Support and Consumption….that was our contribution for the night!

Collage Mama's Bar


Collage singing

Close your eyes and you might think you’re listening to Louis Armstrong.  Takes 2 white guys to even come close to 1 talented black man!

Grandma Warms Up

All went well for the 10 days my Mom came to visit us from Canada.  After spending 6 weeks at my sister’s place in Ecuador where she claimed it was overcast the entire time and she walked around town with a hot water bottle tucked under her clothes, she loved to bask in the Mexican sun by the poolside with book in hand.

We did farmer’s markets 3 days a week as we usually do.  Hit up a variety of cafes and restaurants, wandered malecons and storefronts, played card games and sat and chatted.  Before we knew it time was up and she was off to enjoy the beginning of spring back home in BC.

Collage  Mom

Birdie Rescued and Died

The kids tried again.  After last springs commitment to saving a dove ended with a burial, and their experience at Hamilton Hobby Farm and the frequent death of chicks,  the kids were more prepared for the demise of this bird they saved from the teeth of Coco, a resident dog.  But still, burials are sad…it never gets easy.

The kids figured this was an Inca Dove, most likely an adult.  It lasted only a day with us.  There were no visible injuries but its feathers were falling out on its back and belly, probably from Coco toying with it.

The kids had taken it to a secluded area to see if it would fly away but the first attempts it could only flutter about a foot away, they think because it was startled by them.  The second attempt it walked a bit more, but shortly after that they found it drowned in its water dish.  


Celebrate Beautiful Tina

Collage Poster

Tina has been the greatest addition to our stay here at Hotel Perico after we spent last winter/spring here.  The kids LOVE having her here, and I think our youngest boys may have their first girl-crushes of their lives!

So of course they wanted to participate in celebrating her Birthday, along with the rest of Perico.  They helped decorate & make the poster, and helped consume the Chile-an hot dogs, reminiscent of how Tina’s family made them in her childhood.  They were delicious (compliment from somebody who rarely eats a hot dog!)CollageParty Collage Tina

Miss Congeniality makes sure everybody is comfortable and having a good time.  Everybody is happy to be in her presence.


we wish you a

Happy Birthday with much

Health, Abundance and Prosperity

for many years to come!




Birthday boy was treated to breakfast out with his parents & Grandma S. at Cafe Negro where he stuffed himself with a Mexican burrito.  It’s a treat not to have to fight to be heard, or to get a whole plate food of yummy and not risk losing it.

We took him shopping for some new clothes, a pair of swim shorts and pizza for his Birthday meal.  After eating pizza on the terraza, he wasn’t given any time to put on his swim shorts his Dad and big brother…..

Collage A & ERJ

Escorted him off the terraza backwards and into the refreshing pool!

After a swim we had our friends join us for making Sundaes which seemed like a BIG hit.  International friends, from New Zealand, USA, Canada and United Kingdom….and of course, Mexican friends.

Collage guests

When the day was done Anders declared, “This is the BEST Birthday I’ve ever had!”

 Happy Ninth Birthday, Anders!


We went to a night of Carnaval for Gaelyn’s birthday 2 years ago in La Paz and weren’t overly impressed so we haven’t sought it out again.  Maybe we’ll time it some day for Rio de Jainero.

Today, however, Everette and Mitchell went for coffee after the organic market and went out onto the street to not only find a parade, but got to be a part of the flour-bombing!!  I guess somebody targeted Everette when he held up his phone to take pictures!

Collage Mardi Gras


Katherine’s Early Birthday

Katherine and her family live in Guanajuato which is about a four hour drive from us here at Chapala.  We (6 of the kids and I) met the Sampsons here at Hotel Perico last February.  The children were taken with 1yo Katherine and she was attracted especially to our younger kids.  All the kids loved the attention David (dad) gave, and his willingness to teach them how to play soccer/futbol.

Last year Anders’ #1 attraction in Mexico was to go see the Pyramids of the Sun/Moon near Mexico City but we have yet to go that far east.  This year he said the thing he wanted most in Mexico was to come back to Hotel Perico, and what he wanted for his birthday (which is only a few days from now) was for David Sampson to come for his birthday!  Well, when I told David that he immediately said, “Maybe we can make that happen!” Although the dates haven’t worked out exactly, Sampsons came early to Hotel Perico for Birthday season and for David to play soccer/futbol with the kids.

It turned out that it is Katherine’s birthday this month also, and so her Grandma came from the USA to celebrate along with all of us this beautiful little girls second birthday!

Collage Katherine

Happy 2nd Birthday, Katherine!!